Paid advertising is a great way to get more eyes on your business. It enables you to expand your reach into new markets while exposing you to new potential customers.

And a great way to get started with paid advertising, or add to your current paid strategy, is by using pay-per-call campaigns.

Below we’ll explain what pay-per-call means and why you should use this paid advertising method.

What are Pay-Per-Call Campaigns?

Pay-per-call, also known as PPCall or cost-per-call, is a method of paid advertising where you pay when someone calls your business from one of your ads. These ads typically run only on mobile devices, and target prospects looking for services or products on the go.

For example, let’s say you are locked out of your car or home and need to call a locksmith. Using your cell phone, you’ll search something like “locksmith houston” to find someone who can help you out. You might see an ad like the one below:

Google Locksmith Houston, TX

The top ad has a phone icon next to it, with text that reads “Call (919) 336-2984 – 24 Hours Locksmith”. And when you click on this ad, you’ll be prompted to call the locksmith, getting you directly in touch with the company.

Call Locksmith on iPhone via Google

These ads are highly effective in driving ROI as someone who calls your business is 10x more likely to purchase versus those who click a link, according to a Kelsey Group Study.

Why Pay-Per-Call Ads?

With traditional PPC ads, you pay when someone clicks on one of your text ads (or any ad with a cost-per-call setup). After clicking, they’re taken to a landing page where they learn more about your service or product – and can choose to either contact you or leave your site.

While optimizing your ads and landing page can influence visitors to convert, you’re still giving them opportunities to walk away.

PPCall ads, however, are a more effective way of converting prospects to paying customers. When someone calls your business, they are typically more engaged and have specific questions that will help them make a decision.

By calling and interacting with you or your staff, you’re able to give prospects the information they need while providing friendly and exceptional customer service (which can actually make a huge difference to the prospect).

Try Pay-Per-Call Ads in Houston

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