Last week at the Google Marketing Next 2017 conference, an exciting change was announced for Google AdWords campaigns. Google AdWords customers can now use unique reach to measure the number of unique users and impressions-per-user from their ads.

Why is this important?

According to a Google consumer survey, 30% of people use at least 5 devices throughout their day. So if you’re reaching someone three times on each of their devices, they’re seeing the same ad 15 different times. That can be a major overload for users.

Think about when you see or hear the same commercial over and over again. Eventually you tune the noise out because it either isn’t relevant to you or doesn’t hook you in. This is not the way to get in front of potential customers.

Unique Reach First Used on YouTube

Unique reach was first rolled out earlier this year on YouTube, helping AdWords customers improve their video ads to engage and capture the attention of users.

According to Google, unique reach is already available on AdWords and will soon be rolled out to DoubleClick later this year.

Unique Reach vs Traditional Reach

One of the issues we face when tracking the performance of PPC campaigns is tracking unique ad impressions across devices. Traditional reach shows us the total number of people who have seen an ad on all devices used. This number doesn’t take separate devices used by the same user into account, making it difficult to tell the unique viewers of your ad.

Unique reach, however, makes it easier to tell the unique impressions of your ad. With unique reach you will know the unique number of users and the average number of impressions each user sees. Basically, you will gave a better idea of when the same user sees your ad if it appears on multiple devices they use.

Learn More About Unique Reach

Using unique reach in your Google AdWords campaigns will you give you a better engagement metrics and help you improve your overall paid search strategy.

Read more about unique reach here, and look for the metrics to show up in your AdWords campaigns.

Do You Know Your Ad’s Unique Reach?

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