There’s a lot of hubbub floating around the web about all of the ways in which it’s best to target your clientele via the internet. New internet marketing trends crop up every year and 2016 will be no different. It’s important to regard the importance of proper content marketing, as well as sufficient SEO tactics and practices. There is definitely a method to the internet marketing madness, and we’ve collected some of our greatest 2016 marketing trend predictions below:

Heightened Importance of Content Marketing

There are many SEO and Internet Marketing professionals that will tell you that content is king and they’re not too far off. Quality content and proper keyword research and implementation is vital to foster high-ranking websites and web pages–but it’s not the only factor in ranking a page. Next year, however, we think that the better and more original one’s web content is the better suited their pages will be in order to rank well in search results.

Location-Based Marketing

One of the most interesting trends in the current web marketplace is location-based marketing. This trend plays on up-to-date GPS technology that allows for localized targeting–enhancing user experience and increasing result relevancy. Location-based marketing is both interactive and engaging, so it’s easy to see that the popularity of this type of web marketing will continue on into the new year and will inevitably get better with time.

Increase in Video Marketing

Using videos for the purposes of marketing to niche clients is no new thing. Digital marketers have taken advantage of video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo in the past and things will be no different in the future. Videos allow for detailed and interactive (sometimes even entertaining) explanations of products or services offered by a variety of professionals in numerous industries. The utilization of such an engaging marketing tool will undoubtedly remain relevant for years to come.

Smaller Social Media Platforms Will Become Standard

Platforms like Vine and Snapchat have taken off this year in terms of being able to market products and brands, and this will most certainly not see any slowing down in 2016. In fact, we predict that multiple new, more niche social media platforms will be introduced and–with the help of a younger generation coming of age–will skyrocket in popularity, and subsequently in necessity as a marketing tool.

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