When you hear the phrase “Content is King,” it’s not just another throwaway quotable. Today’s consumers expect to be engaged by your brand. Offering dynamic, innovative content on your company website creates an active customer base that interacts with your brand day after day.

Utilized by over 74 million websites, WordPress is among the most popular content management systems. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy enough for the average person to upload content, but its wide variety of plugins allows for the creation of compelling web design. If your business is developing a content marketing strategy, having a WordPress website is a good place to start. You’ll be in great company, joining the ranks of Fortune 500 companies like:

  1. Houston WordPressCoca-Cola – With an embedded YouTube video and Facebook feed right on the home page, Coca-Cola’s website embraces the power of social media marketing.
  2. Ford Motor Company – From the development of the assembly line, Ford has always been ahead of the game. This polished hero image slider shows off their sleek collection of vehicles.
  3. Sony – Sony’s website, like an elaborate Pinterest, is a colorful jumble of entertaining, clickable photos and videos. This fun user-interface keeps visitors engaged.
  4. New York Times – Embracing the “Content is King” mentality, the New York Times digitalized its content into one of the nation’s most visited websites.
  5. General Electric – We could spend hours spinning this interactive globe with rainbow beams of light shooting out of it. GE’s website proves the power of creating a memorable user experience.
  6. Best Buy – Best Buy clearly employees the e-commerce benefits of WordPress, making it simple and enjoyable to purchase your next piece of tech.

How Does Your Website Measure Up?

By utilizing creative content marketing on WordPress, these Fortune 500 companies allow the consumer to interact with the brand by reading the “inside scoop” on their website, leaving comments, and sharing with their own networks. Today’s consumer no longer wants to simply consume, but contribute to the entire experience and lifestyle of the brand.

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