WordPress is a powerful content management system used by small and large companies. Did you know that even major media companies like The New Yorker, Reuters, and Best Buy use WordPress?

The immense popularity of WordPress is mostly due to its user-friendliness. WordPress makes it easy to update content, images, and videos all on your own, without knowing HTML. It also includes access to a massive plugin library, so users can add additional functionality to improve user interaction and engagement. WordPress is also mobile friendly, secure, and backed by a dedicated community.

The U.S. media industry is massive, and its revenue is expected to grow 5.1% over the next few years, with digital channels leading the charge.

So, why do so many respected media companies like TechCrunch, Reuters, Forbes, and The New York Times trust WordPress? Here are just a few reasons:

11 Reasons Why Major Media Companies Choose WordPress


Simply put, WordPress is one of the easiest content management platforms to use. Therefore, major content publishers such as The New Yorker can publish a greater number of stories per day. A platform that is easier to use is definitely going to be faster and more efficient.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The WordPress framework has built-in SEO. There is also a plethora of SEO plugins to boost your optimization tactics for your website. We recommend the Yoast plugin, which provides keyword optimization, detailed taxonomy, internal linking suggestions, and a readability check.


WordPress offers thousands of themes for any type of company. Basic themes are available for free, while some of the fancier themes have a price. We recommend purchasing a WordPress theme because they usually have more options and functionality.

Media Capabilities

Photos, videos, and audio files can be easily inserted onto any WordPress page. WordPress even offers plugins for virtual reality content!


Need an ecommerce plugin for your online store? Or, perhaps, do you want to include 360° images to enhance your latest feature story about Hawaiian beaches? WordPress offers over 35,000 plugins for you to use to customize your website.

Safety and Security

The threat of hacking is very real in the digital world. Media companies want to be sure that user data is safe. WordPress has a committed, knowledgeable security team and there are frequent security updates for all WordPress websites. If extra security is required, there are additional security plugins available.

Mobile Compatibility

It’s no secret that all websites must be mobile-friendly or mobile responsive. According to Google, mobile is the dominant platform for searches. All WordPress websites are mobile friendly, so media companies do not have to worry about the mobile-friendliness of their websites.


According to a study by Common Sense Advisory, most consumers spend time online visiting websites in their preferred language. To make revenue, media companies rely on the public to consume their content, so only offering content in one language considerably limits the audience. WordPress does a lot of the heavy lifting here by offering 40 language translations.

Time-Saving Features

There are plenty of time-saving features already built into WordPress, such as scheduling posts and using automatic tags. There are also optional time-saving plugins for automatic posting to email lists and social media.

Multi-User Compatibility

It takes a lot of people to run a media empire. There are writers, editors, video producers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. All of these individuals need access to the content management system, but not everyone needs to be a Super Admin. With WordPress, you can easily assign roles and access levels to multiple people.

Continuous Improvement

WordPress is committed to developing the best and most user-friendly content management system. Updates are frequent and include the latest security and SEO features.

Time to Make the Move to WordPress

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