The world of web design is constantly evolving with the advancement of technology and the way that people use it. It’s so important in today’s web world to have a website that is responsive to the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed and with which it is being interacted.

why you need a responsive website

For any business, a responsive website is a necessity in order to have a successful online presence. Our Houston web design professionals know how crucial proper responsiveness is in order for users to effectively engage with a website.

What Exactly is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Responsive web design is when the website in question responds to the screen size on which it is displayed. Responsive websites can be viewed on a number of devices and in most major browsers. They automatically adapt to the screen size and resolution without sacrificing any content or quality.

Why is Having a Responsive Site So Important?

Mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic in terms of web usage, so it really is vital that your website appears well on smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of Mobile Responsive Website

Responsive web design is highly beneficial to business owners, as it ensures that all of your users have a positive experience when navigating your website. Better user experience draws in more traffic, which leads to more conversions! Did you know that 67% of users are more likely to purchase things from a mobile-friendly website? Here are some more nifty facts about the pros of responsive design:

  • Mobile-friendly sites are cost-effective for business owners because you only have to build one website that fits across multiple platforms (as opposed to building several versions of a site for different devices)
  • Responsive web design is recommended by Google and mobile-friendly sites tend to rank better because they are easier to crawl
  • Responsive sites only need one streamlined SEO campaign so they are much easier to manage
  • Want to Learn More About How to Create a Responsive Site for Your Business?

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