There are a myriad of Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market, and as the name implies, all of them can manage web content. But they are not all the same.

When choosing among them, there are three criteria web designers and business owners need to take into account. Based on all of these criteria, WordPress is clearly the CMS of choice for an average marketing website project.

1. Which CMS Allows for The Most Creativity and Ability to Tailor Messages to Intended Audiences?

Many people wrongly believe that WordPress sites all have the same generic look. The reason is that basic WordPress templates are so easy to use many designers don’t venture beyond them. Those who do, however, are in for a great surprise. WordPress has hundreds of templates and plugins, and a menu-driven administrative structure which allows designers to easily tailor each template to meet their own needs. Further, new templates and plugins are being added by the WordPress community daily. This means that almost any design you can imagine can be created using WordPress. Other CMS systems, such as Joomla, Drupal or ExpressionEngine, box the designer in to hard-to-change pre-set frameworks. With WordPress, the sky is the limit.

I encourage those who think WordPress is generic to visit;, and to get just a small taste of what WordPress – and a little creativity – can do.

Perhaps that is why some of the world’s top companies – such as Mozilla, Ford Motor Company, The Wall Street Journal and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – rely on WordPress as the basis for their websites.

2. Does The CMS Allow for Easy Modification and Amendments?

Ease of modification is one area where WordPress really excels. Whether the designer wants to simply change an address or phone number, add a daily blog or completely rework the menu system, WordPress’ intuitive administrative system makes changes a snap. In my experience, almost anyone can learn to amend his or her own site – even sites designed by an outside professional – in as little as 30 minutes.

3. Is Support Available If I just Can’t Figure Out How to Do Something?

No matter how intuitive a CMS might be, there will be times when even seasoned professionals need outside help. Fortunately, WordPress users understand and embrace the concept of “open source communities,” and readily share their experience and expertise with others. There are dozens of helpful websites, forums, articles and e-books to help even the most novice user become a WordPress expert in no time. Of course, all open source solutions offer “communities” but in my experience no one has embraced the concept of sharing as much as WordPress users. On the rare occasion when the community can’t help, a simple Google search will unveil hundreds of additional WordPress resources.

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