Every plant needs a specific combination of soil, fertilizer and sun to grow. If you plant a shade-loving plant in a sunny area it will die, and vice versa. I take great care to plant all of my flowers in an environment that best suits their needs. However, my plants will still die if I don’t give them enough water.

Growing Plants

Similarly, even the best-designed website will “die” if it doesn’t get an ongoing stream of visitors. That is why search engine optimization doesn’t stop with a well-designed website. Instead, the website must have ever-changing, quality content designed to drive traffic to the site. That requires a careful combination of two factors: quality substance and careful keyword usage.

The term “Search Engine Optimization” refers to the proper combination of quality substance and careful keyword usage so that a site will rank highly on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). When SEO is used properly, interested visitors will not only find the site, but will stay there, engage and buy the products or services being offered.

Search engines use special algorithms to rank Web sites according to their content. One of the prime factors is the use of “keywords” and “keyword phrases” that indicate what the site is about. If a website, for example, has a lot of titles and text that deal with baby products, it is likely the site has something to do with that topic. The amount of similar websites that offer links to the initial site provide further “votes” about the initial site’s content. (Granted this explanation is a bit simplistic. Search engine algorithms are very complex, but they all operate on these basic principles.)

In theory, if a website has enough quality content, people will find it. But that is not always the case. Instead, unscrupulous companies will stuff their content with keyword phrases designed to fool the search engines. After all, if my site uses the words “personal injury” twenty times in one page, the search engines will likely assume that its content has something to do with personal injury. However, if the site is stuffed with keywords but has little quality content, people who need personal injury services might find the site – but leave shortly thereafter.

On the other hand, if the site is about personal injury, but doesn’t actually use that phrase, search engines are likely to miss the fact that the site is, indeed, about personal injury. The site may have exactly the content many people would want to see, but who can find it?

In Other Words:

  • Having great content without proper keywords is like standing in front of a stadium with a rock concert going on, yelling your message at the top of your lungs and hoping someone will hear you.
  • Pure keyword stuffing is like having a megaphone to shout a message no one is interested in hearing.
  • Properly using both is like having a private audience with an enthusiastic crowd who came specifically to hear what you have to say.

An reputable web design company in Houston, TX will have the required experience to design an effective website, as well as expertise to create content that has the proper combination of quality and relevant keyword phrases.

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