According to HubSpot’s 2017 Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics, 54% of marketers say their top email marketing priority is increasing engagement. This is most likely because email is a great way to drive revenue – especially if you’re segmenting and optimizing your emails for maximum success.

Email marketing is more than just sending out product launch announcements, abandoned cart reminders, and promo code incentives. It’s also sales outreach and ongoing customer service, which can also be huge drivers of revenue if performed correctly.

So how can you improve your sales outreach and ongoing customer service emails to engage and actually receive a response?

Improving your emails can be broken down into 3 parts:

  • Personalization
  • Customization
  • Get Participation


One of the worst things you can do when sending cold emails or even emails to current customers is making your template seem like a template. It’s probably known that you’re using one, but by not personalizing it even a little you run the risk of appearing like you just don’t care.

How can you personalize?

Use their name to start the email:

  • Hi Matt!
  • Hey there, Greg!

Simple subject lines:

  • Use conversational and natural wording
  • Almost make it seem like the email could have been forwarded from coworker

Explain who you are:
Why are you emailing them and why should they care? Give them a brief intro and how you can solve one of their pain points.


Not everyone you email is going to want the same offer – or have the same pain points for that matter. If you’re sending out mass cold emails to one unsegmented list, you’re probably not going to get very far.

Tailoring your emails to the audience you’re targeting is going to make the email stronger and increase the chances of receiving a response. You can segment your emails many different ways – by company type, by job role, by geographic location, by their engagement with previous emails, etc.

Another way to customize your emails is by content.

If you’re trying to get a company to use your freelance copywriting services, you should probably suggest specific topics that are relevant to their organization. So for example, if you reach out to a dentist, you’ll want topics related to teeth cleaning, general dentistry, and other dental topics versus something about cats, the latest tech release, or places to eat when visiting Houston.

It’s all about tailoring the message to the recipient.

Get Participation

As you’re ending your newly personalized, customized, and segmented email, add something that will elicit a response.

Something like, “I’d love to work on additional suggestions with you” or “Looking forward to working with you on your next campaign”.

You could also try asking a question, “Do you have time to go over [insert service/product/etc.] tomorrow at 3PM?” or “Would you like to go over other possible [suggestions/ideas/help/etc.]?”.

The goal here is to get a reply to your email. Because once they start asking questions and understand the value you offer, they’re more likely to continue chatting and building the relationship.

Email marketing is a great way to build your brand, engage prospects and customers, and drive revenue. Continually updating your email marketing and performing various tests will help you fine tune your messages to fit your audience.

Get Help

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