Nobody wants to hit a 404-error page. It’s annoying when a page you are looking for can’t be found, whether by user error or link malfunction. There are, however, ways to lighten the impact of this frustrating navigation outcome.

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Many popular websites, especially sites of influential web design companies, feature well-thought-out 404-page designs that either utilize a bit of humor or take advantage of the creators’ web design skills.


404 Page Web Design


This UK Web Design company’s error page features a silly message and an accompanying video clip of a screaming goat. This 404-page is well-designed in that it incorporates a bit of goofy humor, and it links back to the company’s homepage–which is essential.

Daniel Karcher | Film Design Studios

Daniel Karcher 404 Page Web Design Film Agency


This film design site is beautifully constructed and makes great use of video and sound on its homepage. It’s 404-page branches off from the rest of the site’s aesthetic and to a great advantage. The empty train and the “Lost” and “Missing” posters really make for an effective 404-message, that is intriguing, interactive, and nice to look at.


Duoh! Web Design Error Page


The brainchild of two highly skilled European web designers, Duoh is a perfect example of classic web design, and their 404-page is further proof. The color scheme and use of negative space speaks to the designers’ capabilities and styles at once.



Huwshimi Web Design 404 Page Design

Huwshimi is a skilled interface designer whose 404 page, like Duoh’s, isn’t interactive or animated, but features a sketch and a message that conveys the broken link warning with a bit a flair and its own interesting intrigue.
Update 2/13/2017 : Huwshimi’s website is no longer accessible.

Houston Web Design Agency

Web Design 404 Page Houston

Our own 404 page features a comical message and a redirect back to our homepage, as well as an option to search our site for what our visitors may have originally been looking for.

Bottom line, if you are designing your website’s 404 page, you want it to stand out. You want your viewers to feel like they still know you, and you want to keep them engaged, even when your site can’t provide them with what they are looking for. Humor, style, and strategic redirecting can keep your visitors on your site and can earn you a little web cred in the mean time.

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