Our Effective Search Engine Optimization Services Will Help You Get Found Online to Grow Your Business Offline in River Oaks.

River Oaks SEO and Web Design

Lets say you live in River Oaks, TX and plan to go out for dinner. How far are you willing to travel – 100 miles? 200 miles? to the other side of the world? Chances are you plan to eat a lot closer to home. This, in short, is why local businesses need to optimize for local SEO.

The web allows people to find businesses worldwide. But if you run a local business like a plumbing, roofing or landscaping company, you want to attract local customers who live or work near your location. When they search for your type of business, you should be easy to find.

Consider this: Almost 100 million people in the US use a search engine daily to find products and services on the web; about 60 million of them are seeking local companies. This percentage is sure to increase due to the growing “buy local” movement. At the same time, the percentage of people using Yellow Pages, print or local radio to find products and services is shrinking.

Therefore, the best way to attract your target customers is to be listed close to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This is what optimizing for local SEO is all about.

Using proven web design and SEO practices, we can ensure you get a great listing on the major search engines. But that is only half the battle. If potential customers find your website, but find it unappealing or hard to navigate, they might choose to use another business.

Our web design and SEO agency will optimize your website so that it is appealing to your target audience in River Oaks, TX and create an appealing, easy to navigate web page that entices future customers to buy from you.

How A River Oaks Web Design and SEO Agency Can Help

Our dedicated and experienced internet marketing staff can make your company shine on the web by using time-honored techniques such as:

  1. Determining the exact keyword phrases your competitors are using to draw customers to their website, and identifying the ones that would work best for you.
  2. Creating quality one-way links from other websites that point to yours through such strategies as social media marketing, blogging and press releases. Major search engines use these links as indicators that your website is in demand and should get a high listing in their result pages.
  3. Continually analyzing your search engine results to determine what strategies are working and what needs to be adjusted.
  4. Creating a content management system that allows you to make easy changes and updates.