Since 90% of recruiters hire from LinkedIn, it is essential that you make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. With so many recently added features to LinkedIn, you have the ability to showcase more on your LinkedIn than your resume you sent to the hiring manager via email. In order to maximize your LinkedIn profile, here are some tips on how you to best fill out your online profile.

maximizing linked in profile

1. Create a Strong Headline

Maximize the 120 characters of your headline by describing what you do and how you serve. The name of your job title doesn’t reveal what you bring to the table. Instead of saying, “SEO Specialist at The XYZ Agency,” say something like “SEO Specialist at The XYZ Agency: Helping small and big businesses get found on Google.”

2. Don’t Forget the Summary

A lot of professionals forego to input a summary on their profile. This is probably one of the most important things to include on your profile as this space is where the LinkedIn algorithm searches for key words. So make sure to fill it out with info that you think your target audience is looking for, and spice it up with awards or anything that will set you apart from other job seekers.

3. Include Media Pieces with your Experience

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it lets you display your experience and accomplishments in more ways than a text-only resume. Take advantage of the opportunity to attach images, writing samples, design pieces, etc. to your profile.

4. Social Proof your Experience

You’re profile really comes to life when you have the social proof to prove your professional worth. Try and get recommendations from the most important former positions. If possible, try to obtain recommendations from influential people within your industry. Endorsements are also a great way to social proof your profile. According to _ von Rose, ““the game-ification of our culture means people look at those numbers.”

5. Don’t Over or Under Connect

In order to be useful to you professionally, try to make connections with at least 300 people. Branded professional, Gregory Ng suggests that “you only make connections with people you know or meet. This will help connecting with people you have essentially zero ties to.” In addition, try to stay under 3,000 connections because at that point, LinkedIn starts “breaking.”

6. Customize your URL

Get a customized URL of either your name or in your area of expertise. Having a URL relevant to who you are will help those you meet in person able to find and connect with you on LinkedIn.

7. Gain Visibility with Updates

Take five minutes of your day to update your status with industry related news and recent accomplishments. Updated statuses will help you become more visible on LinkedIn and will help those in your network to engage with you.

8. Make Additional Features Relevant

Additional features on your profile, like test scores, volunteering, and publications, should be relevant to your line of work or the audience you are trying to target. Don’t feel like you need to include every single thing on your profile to make it “complete.” Keep in mind most people who view your profile will only skim it, so make sure to include information that will stand out or pique their interest.

Essentially there is no wrong or right way to create your LinkedIn profile. Just make sure that you are using all of LinkedIn’s features to accurately brand who you are as a person and professional.

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