Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web Spam Team recently answered the question “Can Nofollow links hurt my site’s rankings?” You can watch Matt Cutt’s full explanation below.

Nofollow links are text or image links on a site other than your own that point back to your website that feature an attribute called rel=nofollow. Here is an example: My Website. This nofollow attribute tells search engines like Google not to follow that link, thus passing no link juice or PageRank. Matt Cutts states that “in general Google does not follow links with a nofollow attribute”. We at Houston Web Design Agency take this to mean that sometimes Google does follow nofollow links but the majority of the time they do not. Unfortunately, no one outside of Google could explain the full details of that statement.

Nofollow links do not necessarily harm your site’s rankings, but they also don’t help your rankings. But keep in mind, any links out there on the internet can bring new visitors to your website, so they are always worth it.

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