Have you ever wondered if there was a benefit to registering your domain name for longer than a year at a time? In this video, Matt Cutts explains the logic behind domain registration.

What criteria does Google use to rank your website? The truth is…nobody really knows for sure.

We have a good idea of what criteria Google does look for due to research, experiments, comparisons and good ‘ol “trial and error”, yet the true algorithms are and will remain a mystery.

One such criteria as to the implied “quality” of a website has said to be linked with the amount of time that you have owned your domain, and the length of time you registered that domain. Some people have said that domains that are registered for only a year are often viewed by Google as “Spam sites”. This is merely a rumor that has never been substantiated.

The truth is this; over the years several patents have been filed on behalf of Google so as to protect their technology and ultimately their search algorithms. One of those patents mentions domain registration as a possible “signal” that could be used in terms of search quality relating to time.

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Web Spam Team explains in this video that when writing a patent, the company must outline many factors that may actually not effect the purpose of the patent at all. In fact, Matt Cutts explains that he himself only renews his own domains for 3 or more years because it’s easier for him and so that he will not forget to renew them.

There you have it. The length of your domain’s registration doesn’t matter very much at all.

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