Does your website load too slow? Here’s a great video that helps put Google Webmaster Tool’s “Load Time” into perspective.

If you have ever taken a look at Google Webmaster Tools and seen that your webpage load times appear a bit slow… don’t worry!

For those of us who take great pride in how quickly our web pages load and how those pages perform, Google Webmaster Tools is a dear friend of ours. If this sounds familiar to you, at some point or another you may have noticed that GWT is declaring that it takes, say, 8 seconds for you page to load.

But wait! That’s not right. I look at my page often and it never takes more than a second or so to load.

Don’t worry. The load times that you are looking at are average load times gathered by users who have opted in to share web statistics with Google through the Google Toolbar. Matt Cutts warns that you have to look at this with a grain of salt; not every web-surfer has high-speed Internet. Many people still have dial-up connections or just slow connections in general. These facts contribute to the average load times GWT will report.

According to Matt Cutts, “…only 1-100 searches or so reveal a website with such a slow speed that it would make a noticeable difference in your site’s rankings.”

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