The air is getting chillier and the end of October is growing near. This time of year is full of holidays from a conglomeration of cultures. The Day of the Dead is a traditional Latin American festivity that originated in Mexico as a celebration of the lives of loved ones whom have already passed as a means of supporting them through their spiritual journey. Also known as All Saints Day, it usually falls on the first of November and is celebrated over the course of a few days.

The thriving Latino culture in Houston pays homage to this special event each year by hosting an array of Dia de los Muertos festivals. With such a vibrant mix of traditions and backgrounds, Houston knows how to bring to life the spirit of the calavera and the body of such a rich holiday.

The Lawndale Art Center presents its 27th annual Dia de los Muertos Art Festival this year, which will include a series of competitions and other events. Guests of the festival are invited to create and submit their own spirited pieces as well as take classes, view and buy art pieces, and add to a community altar to commemorate lost loved ones.

MECA, or Houston’s Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts foundation is also presenting its own Dia de los Muertos Festival which will feature a weekend of events including a dance, a run, and a street festival full of vendors, food, and a blend of cultures and remembrances of family and friends both past and present.

The city will be buzzing with all the quirks of this unique celebration, and it’s a great way to get involved in your Houston community. We’ll see you there!

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