One factor of ranking which effects many business’ SEO Strategy and has changed drastically with Google’s search algorithm is how they decide to show multiple results within a single domain.  The video below gives an overview how Google’s algorithm has changed regarding how many websites they decide to show from the same domain.

How Ranking Worked In the Past

In the past it was much easier to rank multiple pages from a single website on the first page of Google. This meant that you could create multiple pages on one website and if all of the content from the pages was relevant to the search, there was a chance that multiple pages would show up in SERPs.

This became an issue because one website could take up many of the positions on the first page making it harder for other websites with relevant content to show up.

How Rankings For a Single Domain Has Changed

Google decided to change the way they showed search results for a single domain.  They improved their algorithm to focus on showing a wide diversity of authority websites over multiple pages from a single website.  This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get 2 pages ranked, but they have to have more authority in order to do so.  Since those changes, first page results show more diversification of websites, and on later pages it’s somewhat easier to rank multiple pages from a single domain, but the focus is still on showing relevant content from multiple websites.

Alternative Ways to Get Multiple First Page Rankings

Despite the fact that it is hard to rank multiple pages from the same domain, there are other ways of getting rankings on the first page.

The best way to do this is by focusing on ranking different types of content for your business. You can get your Google+ Local listing ranked, along with your website, review site pages for your business, as well as social profiles and Youtube videos.  By focusing your linkbuilding efforts not only on your website but other websites that promote your business, you can get multiple first page rankings for your business.

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