Up and at ’em! While it’s difficult for many people to wake up early and get moving first thing in the morning, there are a variety of reasons why successful people choose to rise a bit earlier than average. It’s important to consider that everyone needs a different morning routine in order to achieve their own version of success, but there are a few key elements to having a productive morning schedule that CEOs, professional athletes, and more swear by.

five habits successful people

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Waking up even just one hour earlier than you are accustomed to will give your morning a sense of ease and productivity. During this hour, you can drink coffee, read the news, check your work emails, meditate, etc. Making it a habit to wake up an hour earlier a day is good for you! Research shows that early risers more optimistic about the remainder of their day, and more aware of what’s going on as the day progresses. Those who wake early can also better anticipate challenges and can work more quickly to minimize their impact.

Visualization & Reflection

With your extra hour, you should take some time to visualize how your day will go and reflect on ways to make the most of the time that you have to perform any tasks that you have set ahead of you. Spend some time mapping out your day. Take notes, make lists, create a daily calendar–do anything that helps you keep track of your responsibilities and gives you a sense of accountability. Research suggests that even just two minutes of reflection and planning can improve your positivity and give you a sense of clarity about the rest of your day.

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

It’s important to eat breakfast! Your brain and body both need fuel, and a healthy breakfast is the only way to achieve this. Sit down to spend some time with your family or a good book and enjoy a bowl of oatmeal or eggs–something to get you started for the day. Food will help you maintain your focus throughout the day.

Get Going!

Even just 20 minutes of light exercise in the morning can change the outcome of your entire day! Morning workouts provide you with a boost of energy and a refreshment to your senses.

Make a Point to Be Early

Getting to where you’re going early means that you have time to get your bearings, figure out a gameplan onsite, and adjust to your surroundings. Whether you are just showing up at the office or going into a job interview, it’s important to be prepared–a little bit of extra time can mean a world of difference in performance.

Bring Your Success to the Web

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